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5 thoughts on “Sermons

  1. This message is good for every Christian. I have learn alot from your messages. May the Lord grant you Wisdom and good health
    to teach His Word.

    • Thank you! I am so glad that God’s is blessing you through this ministry. My prayer is that our Lord will build you up in the faith, teach you by His precious Holy Spirit, and use you to tell others of our great salvation and the near return of Jesus Christ! God bless you always.

  2. Dear Pastor Brown, Thank you very much for your bravery to teach the truth of God’s word. Our church is moving toward the Purpose Driven movement seeking self instead of God. Great sadness among we older people as they tell us to get with the new generation or leave. I have passed your sermons on to other Godly believers so we can stay encouraged. I want to ask you, do you have your sermons on cd for purchase ? I would like to buy them for those who don’t have access to a computer. Praise the Lord for your faithfulness. Jean

    • Dear Sister Jean

      This is so sad. Purpose driven is a great deception of these last days. I am so glad that our Lord has shown you this. If you e-mail me privately with your postal address and list of CD’s that you would like to receive, I will make sure that you have them. We do not charge for this. God’s word is free. You may also make copies as you wish. We will pray for you and your friends, may God reward your faithfulness to His truth. Brotherly love….Pastor Keith

  3. Deception is growing. Jesus warned us first and foremost in Matthew 24 of the latter day deception. Be warned and stay true to the Biblical truth.

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